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Community Outreach Program for Safety



Rcep Members visit Kindergarten classes in our neighborhoods to instruct youngsters safety around horses

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Purpose:  This program is intended to educate children in the equestrian zoned areas of the City of Rancho Cucamonga about safety issues specific to these areas, namely; trail system safety and safety around horses.  It is being developed also to promote positive relations between the young members of the   public in these neighborhoods and the Rancho Cucamonga Police Department.                                                                         

Who can participate:  All Fourth grade classes in schools within or near the equestrian-zoned neighborhoods in Rancho Cucamonga are invited to participate.                                                                                                                                             

The Students' Experience:  One classroom at a time will be brought out to the schoolyard area where one or two horses from the Rancho Cucamonga Sheriff's Department Equestrian Patrol Unit will be waiting with a team of handlers.  The topics below will be covered in a brief and entertaining lecture session (approximately 15 minutes).  There will then follow a question and answer period and each student will be allowed to touch or pet the horse(s) before returning to the classroom. Contact with the horses is dependent upon the student's ability to follow the directions of the teacher and the equestrian instructors. Closed-toe shoes are also required.  Total program time: 30 - 40 minutes.                                                                                           

Horses in our community, then and now.

Jobs done by horses in the past and today

Horses as transportation

Horses used for sport

Horses in the Sheriff's Department

Staying safe

How to be safe around horses (nature of horses, fight or flight, what frightens them)

How to keep the horses safe (trail use, right of way on roads)

How to be safe around other animals in the community

 How to be safe in your own neighborhood


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